I am Lea

I´m an 9-year old girl
who loves chocolate, books and horses – like other girls in my age do. BUT very early in my life I was diagnosed with the Rett Syndrome and that changed my life forever.

My Dream: The dolphin therapy

Today there is no cure for Rett. Still, there are treatments that could help me and my family to make our everyday life easier and more fun. One of them is the dolphin therapy in Curacao that specializes on girls like me.

How you can help me

To make my dream come true I set up my first & only bank account in cooperation with dolphin aid. Not bad for an 8 year old, right? A direct donation would be amazing. But you can also share my website or like my facebook page to spread the word. I´m grateful for every support!

Hi, I´m Lea.

Nice to meet you

Last but not least, there is my family - my mom, my dad, my brother, grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins.

They stand by my side no matter what, they cry and laugh with me, they dance and fight with me, they believe in me and are proud of me, they are patient with me and they are always there for me - there is nothing else I love more than my family!

Facts about the RETT Syndrome

every 90 minutes a girl is born with rett
350.000 girls and women worldwide are affected
1 in 10.000 
female births affected worldwide
rett syndrome has 4 stages, depending on the age of the child


The Dolphin Therapy

The progress that many children make during the dolphin therapy is just the beginning of their recovery. It sets the ground for other, often classic medical treatments that otherwise would be impossible. Moreover, it gives something that is invaluable: 


Hope to #StopRettNow




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